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Lista granych już utworów na Gorącej 10-tce:

Stan na dzień: 8-06-2019

1st Heavenue - E=mc2
1st Heavenue - Take Your Chance
Alba feat. Fred Ventura - Without You
Albert One - Face To Face
Albert One - Stay
Alberto Costa - Part Of Me
Aldo Lesina - Goodbye
Aldo Lesina - In Love Again
Aldo Lesina - Pain
Aldo Lesina - Romance
Aldo Lesina - Tell My Why
Aldo Lesina - Time
Aldo Lesina - Together
Aleph - Fly To Me 2017 (Italoconnection Remix)
Aleph - I'm On Fire
Alex - Change Your Mind
Alfonzo Napoli - Bella Donna
Alicja - So Wonderful
Also Playable Mono - Sweet Night
Amaretto - Through the Night
Amaya - Car Crash
Amaya - Feeling Something
Amaya - Fly On The Sky
Amaya - I Never Said This Before
Amaya - New Ways
Amaya - Sensation
Amaya - To The Top
Amaya - Trapped
Amaze - Feel L'Amore
Amelie Divine - Be My Hero
Andy Romano - Don't Run Away
Angelico - Forever Love
Angie Gold - Deliverance
Anna Jane - Love You Tonight
Antilles - Friendly Fire
Antilles - Longing For The Spring
Antilles - You And Me
Apolo - Kiss Me Tonight
Avenida feat. Me-K-No - La Fuerza Del Destino
Avenue - The Story Of Love
Baccara - I Love Moscow
Baccara - Super Sexy Baby
Baccara - You Are My Angel
Barry Lane & Vanello - Journey To The Moon
Beach Club Band - Magic Summer
BFF - Techno Gym Love Affair
Birizdo I Am - Crying In The Night
Birizdo I Am - Don't Go
Birizdo I Am - Fire In Your Eyes
Birizdo I Am - I Love Italo Disco
Birizdo I Am - Just Tonight
Birizdo I Am - Love Is Love
Birizdo I Am - Love Paradise
Birizdo I Am - Mademoiselle
Birizdo I Am - Maybe Baby
Birizdo I Am - Melinda
Birizdo I Am - One Night Is Enough
Birizdo I Am - Silly Game
Birizdo I Am - Sound Of Yesteryear
Birizdo I Am - Te Vagy a Feny a Tuz
Birizdo I Am - Time To Shine
Birizdo I Am - Unbelievable
Blue Talking - Come Back To Me
Blue Talking - Don't Give Up
Blue Talking - Dr. Mabuse
Bonfeel Electro Band - Back To The 80s
Bonfeel Electro Band - Goodbye My Love
Bonfeel Electro Band - I'm Sorry
Bonfeel Electro Band - Love You Forever
Bonfeel Electro Band - Radio Star
Bonfeel Electro Band - Tonight
Boris Zhivago - Deep In My Heart
Boris Zhivago - Dreaming In The Night
Boris Zhivago - In A World Of Fantasy (Long Fantasy Mix)
Boris Zhivago - Lonely Lover
Boris Zhivago - Love Is A Memory Away
Boris Zhivago - Mona Lisa
Boris Zhivago - The Years Go By
Boy Blue - Alone Again
Boy Blue - Goodbye
Boy Blue - Hold Me In Your Heart
Boy Blue - It's Just An Illusion
Boy Blue - Tears
Boy Blue - The Sadness In Her Eyes
Brad Lake - Love In Your Eyes
Brad Lake - Love Is No Reason To Say Goodbye
Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Night
Brian Ice - Lost Tonight
Brian Ice - On The Moon
Brian Krause - This Love Is Forever
Bruno Mosti - Music Of My Star
Bunny X - I Never Wanted To Say Goodbye
Bunny X - If You Say Yes
Bunny X - Lasers And Lace
Capitalo - Capitalo
Carino Cat - Balabina
Carino Cat - Speed Undercover
Casandra - Take Me Away (Birizdo 80s Italo Mix)
Casanova - Bella Donna
Casanova - Casanova
Casanova - Summertime
Charly Danone - Ed Io Ti Trovero 2019
Chito - Crown & King
Chito - One More Chance
Chito - The Long Tomorrow
Chris Moon - Don't Let Me Go
Chris Moon - My Magic Carillon
Cliff Wedge - Angel Eyes
Cliff Wedge - Finally
Cliff Wedge - Lady Of The Night
Cliff Wedge - Love At First Sight
Cliff Wedge - Play Another Game
Cliff Wedge feat. Vasso - Never Gonna Give U Up
Clock On 5 - Love Kills
Closed - Celebration
Closed - Crazy Love
Cristina Manzano - Only Dreams
Cristina Manzano - Paradise
Cristina Manzano - Stay With Me
Cristina Manzano - Toujours
Cyber Space - Future On Mars
D. White - All The Story Is History
D. White - December
D. White - Follow Me
D. White - My Everything
D. White - No Connect
D. White - One Day
D. White - One Wish
D. White - Ticket Tonight
D. White - Walking
D. White feat. K. Lelyukhin - Generous Love
D. White feat. Soulya ID - Is Not The Rain
D.J. Savage - Help Me
D.J. Savage - Rain Of Love
D.J. Savage - When We In Illusion
D.J. Savage - You Can Fly
D.O.S. - Chance To Desire
Dario - All The Night
Dario Silver - Back Tonight
Dario Silver - Electric Heartbeat
David Verona - I Wanna See You In My Life
Dean Corporation - A Night In Love
Dean Corporation - App Me
Dean Corporation - La Dolce Vita
Debra Gaynor - Living Through Another Day
Delgado - Summer Of '85
Diamond Rain - Diamond Rain
Diamond Rain - Hurricane
Diamond Rain - Leave It For Tonight
Diamond Rain - Mystic Night
Diamond Rain - Online Boy
Diego La Riva - Desire
Digital Emotion - Full Control
Digitalo - Darth Vader
Digitalo - Digitalo
Digitalo - Girl From Russia
Digitalo - Golden Ten
Digitalo - Love Me Endlessly
Digitalo - Robber Robot
Digitalo - Russian Man
Digitalo - Say Yes
Digitalo - Shining
Digitalo - Star Girl
Digitalo - Time To Love
Digitalo & Soulya ID - Winter
Digitalo & Talking Eyes - Beautiful Day
Dimension One - Angel
Disco Service - Come And Dance (Don't You Ever Stop)
Disco Service - I Know
DiscoBonus - Can't Let You Go
DiscoBonus - Don't Run Away
Discobonus - Land Of Cry And Fun
Discobonus - My Lucky Star
Discobonus - You Are My Star
Discobonus & E. Matveeva - My Heart Is Always Free
Discoservice - Love Song
DJ Rocca & Fred Ventura - Looking For Love
DO Passion - That Is Love
Don Amore - Love Tonight
Dorina Dog - Ballerina
DOS - You Are Danger
Dyva - Can't Be Free Forever
Dyva - Dyva
Dyva - Harsh Wind
Dyva - Memories
Dyva - My Love (Don't Let Me Down)
Dyva - On Fire
Dyva - Please My Love
Dyva - Unbelievable
Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia
Edison - Like A Fool
Elen Cora - Catch Me
Elen Cora - Dance Of Summer
Elen Cora - Drama
Elen Cora - Powerful Little Things
Elen Cora - Squirrel
Elen Cora - Tell Me Why
Elen Cora - Wanna Be Real
Emy Care - Fly In The Sky
Emy Care - It's Long Ago
Energy Voice - Baby Goodbye
Energy Voice - The Radio Star
Estimado - Believe In Me
Estimado - Faster
Estimado - Feelings For You
Estimado - I Want You Heaven
Estimado - Praise The Sun
Estimado - Stars Tonight
Estimado - What I Have To Think You Go
Estimado - Yes You One
Estimado - You Try To Help Me
Estimado feat. Valerio - I Miss You
Etolie Vipe - Better Than You
Etolie Vipe - Doomsday Device
Etolie Vipe - Love Spy
Etolie Vipe - Save The World
Etolie Vipe - Slave Of The System
Eurotix - The Best Of Times
Eurotix - We Could Have Been (Pop Mix)
Exciting Valence - Here I Am
Exciting Valence - The Sky Is Never Blue
Fairlaight - Our Love Will Survive
Flash Connection - Number One
Francesco Napoli - Lady Fantasy
Franck Choppin - Pain in My Heart
Frank Lozano - Ciudad De Luz
Frank Lozano - Forever Love
Frank Lozano - Fotonovela
Frank Lozano - I Wanna Fly
Fred Ventura - Believe Me
Fred Ventura - Don't Give Up
Fred Ventura - Don't Stop
Fred Ventura & Andy Romano ‎- I Want You Back
Fred Ventura & Paulo Gozzetti - Subway Lovers
Fresh Fox - Cool As Ice
Fresh Fox - Fieber der Nacht
Fresh Fox - Life Was Made For Me
Fresh Fox - Moscow Party Girl
Fresh Fox - No Goodbye
Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space
Galaxy Hunter feat. Tiziana Rivale - Don't Be Alone
Galera - Don't Cry
Galera feat. Josephine Sweett - Sometimes
Gazebo - Queen Of Burlesque
George Aaron - A Star In The Sky
George Aaron - Heaven
George Aaron - Nothin' Ville (Is A Town)
George Aaron - Russian Ladies
Gina T. - Fly to Paradise
Giuseppe Alicata - Parla Con Me
Giuseppe Alicata - You Are My Love
Gürcan Erdem - Dancing On The Fire
Gurcan Erdem - Hold My Hand
Gurcan Erdem - In The Rain
Gurcan Erdem - Zombie's Night
Heaven42 - Angels Of The Night
Heaven42 - Dancing And Moving
Heaven42 - Just Tonight
Heaven42 - Ocean Of Stars
Heaven42 - Saturday Night
Heaven42 - Sinner
Heaven42 feat. Synthya - Just Tonight
Helicon - The Net
Houdini - Temptation
Iris - Come With Me
Italobox - Everyday Every Night
Italobox - Italo Forever
Italobox - My Dream
Italoconnection - Metropoli
Italoconnection - Never Give Up
Italove - At The Disco
Italove - Follow Me To Mexico
Italove - Heading For The Sun
Italove - I Trust You (Like I Trust Myself)
Italove - L'amour
Italove - Stockholm Is Calling
Italove - Strangers In The Night
Italove - Too Late To Cry
Italove - We Don't Care
Italove & TQ - I Need Your Love
Italove & TQ - Rhythm Of Love
Italove feat. Ken Laszlo - Disco Queen
Italover - Anna
J.D. Jaber - I Want You
Jaber DJ - Search For You
Jaco - Hey Operator
James Manoro - On My Mind
Jesika - Words
Joey Mauro - Black And White Dreams
Joey Mauro & Maya Chan - Japan Kiss
Johnny EX - Louie, Louie Forever
JohnnyM5 - Time To Remember
Josep Xortó & The Congosound - Això Que Sona És Nostre
Joy - 10.000 Angels
Joy - Lunapark
Joy Peters - Asian Heart
Joy Peters - The Passion Of Love
Joy Peters - Winter In My Heart
June Saturday - The Girl With Golden Hair
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together
Ken Laszlo - Fire And Ice
Ken Laszlo - Forever Young
Ken Laszlo - S. O. S.
Ken Martina - A Simple Story
Ken Martina - Another Melody
Ken Martina - Cinderella
Ken Martina - Fool For Love
Ken Martina - Love Is Forever
Ken Martina - Time
Ken Scott - The Cat
Koit Toome & Laura - Verona
Kristian Conde - It's A Dream
Kristian Conde - Light In The Dark
Kristian Conde - Oblivion
Kristian Conde - The Spark
Kristian Conde & Cristina Manzano - Moving Your Hips
Kristian Conde & Victoria Mus - I Want You
Kristian Conde feat. TQ - Future
Lady Fantasy - You And Me
Laetitia - Give Me La Fiesta
Laetitia - I Will Surrender
Laserdance - Space Opera
Lenroy - Give Me A Night
Lenroy - Tonight Again
Lenroy - You Are The Girl
Lian Ross - Casanova
Lian Ross - Dr. Mabuse
Lian Ross - Young Forever
Lian Ross & Mode One - Game Of Love
Lian Ross & Mode One - I Still Love You
Lian Ross & TQ - All We Need Is Love
Lili & Susie - Show Me Heaven
Limelight - Falling In Love
Limelight - I Love You
Limelight - Remember My Love
Limelight - Special Love
Lina Hansson - Unglamorous
Linda Jo Rizzo - Day Of The Light
Linda Jo Rizzo - Fiesta
Linda Jo Rizzo - Fingertips
Linda Jo Rizzo - Keep Trying
Linda Jo Rizzo - Tropical Nights
Linda Jo Rizzo - Under Fire
Linda Jo Rizzo - Welcome To Cairo
Linda Jo Rizzo & Ken Laszlo - Different Kind Of Magic
Linda Jo Rizzo & TQ - Life Is A Story
Linda Jo Rizzo & TQ - Out Of The Shadow
Linda Jo Rizzo Feat Ryan Paris - All Around
Linda Skywalker - Don´t Fly Away
Liquore - Run From The Night
Lisa Fiore - Say Hello (And Not Goodbye)
Loopside - File Of Love
Loreana C. - Dangerous Love
Lost Legacy - Lycan
M@rgO - Talisman Boy
M@rgO & D.White - Heaven For Us
M@rgO & Mode One - Memories Of Summer
M@rgO feat. D. White - In The Sky
M@rgO feat. Kristian Conde - Disco Come Back
M@rgO feat. Mode - One - My Love In Your Heart
Machinista - Molecules And Carbon
Magic System DJ - Angels
Magic System Dj - Far Away From Me
Magic System DJ - I Wanna Touch Your Body Now
Magic System DJ - In Your Eyes
Magic System DJ - Inside
Magic System DJ - Silent Emotions
Magic System Dj - Up & Down
Magic System DJ - Without Your Love
Malcom & The Bad Girls - No Heaven For The Bad Girls
Mandy Mancini - Love Me!
Marc & Susy - In My Mind
Marc Fruttero - Disco Sylvia
Marc Fruttero - If You're Feeling Blue
Marc Fruttero - Please My Love
Marc Fruttero - Tell Me Now
Marce - I Want You (Tony Costa Remix 2015)
Marco Rochowski - A Star In Heaven
Marisa Machado - Wet Dreams
Mark Ashley - I Feel Good
Mark Ashley - Like An Angel
Marlena - My Love
Max System - Your Bring The Sun
Maxthor - Flamingos
Mention - Dreams
Mention - No Changes
Mention - Strange World
Mflex - Search A Heart
Mflex - Waiting All Night
Mflex feat. Rosette - Fire
Michael - The Day You Said Goodbye
Michael Nolen - You Try, You Choose
Michael Rimini - Bandolero
Michael Rimini - Close Your Eyes
Mika Ella - Take It Or Leave It
Mike Rock - One More Time
Miko Mission - Let It Be Love
Miko Mission - Universal Feeling
Miko Vanilla - My Romance
Milou - Distant Love
Milou - It's Saturday Night
Mimosa - In Love
Mirko Hirsch - All The Night
Mirko Hirsch - Analog Dream
Mirko Hirsch - Dancer In The Rain
Mirko Hirsch - Fire
Mirko Hirsch - Lost In Alphaville
Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts
Mirko Hirsch - Midnight Rendezvous
Mirko Hirsch - Mr Hyde
Mirko Hirsch - Number One
Mirko Hirsch - Pandora's Box
Mirko Hirsch - Queen Of Ice
Mirko Hirsch - Take Me
Mirko Hirsch - Way To Your Heart (Chasing Dreams)
Mirko Hirsch - Whisper In The Dark
Mirko Hirsch feat. Trans-X - Video Night
Mode One - Crazy Dreams , Lonely Nights
Mode One - Heaven is Waiting
Mode One - I Wanna Feel You
Mode One - Secret Of Love
Mode One - She`s Dancing Alone
Mode One - Take My Heart
Mode-One - Wild Fire
Modern Boots - Be My Lover
Modern Boots - Dream Of Love
Modern Boots - Guinevere
Modern Boots - In The Passion Of My Life
Modern Boots - Love Is A Game
Modern Boots - Memories
Modern Tracking - Give Me Your Hand
Modern Tracking - Running Away
Momento - I Used To Be
Momento - I Want No Illusion
Monika Novak - Lane Of My Life
Monika Novak - Living On The Run
Monika Novak - Lovely Witch
Moonlight Affair - Future Love
Moscow Madness - Matroshka
Moving Heroes - Angel's Dream
Moving Heroes - Crazy
Mr. Konrad - Electric Kiss
N.I.W - For You Love
Naoky Feat. Stylove - Cybernetic Love
Nation In Blue - Have You Got What It Takes
Nation In Blue - Love Is In The Air
Nation In Blue - Nothing Less
Nation in Blue - Only Your Love Is The Key
Nation In Blue - What Will You Do
NEA! - Dorian Gray
NEA! - Handicap
NEA! - Magic Mystery
NEA! - Puppet In The Box
NEA! - Puppy Love (Do You Remember)
NEA! - You'd Better Go
Neo Romantic - Don't Wait For Tomorrow
Neo Romantic - My Little Lady
Neon Game - Beautiful Island
Neon Game - I Can See
Neon Game - I'll Be Where I Wanna Be
Neon Game - Take Care Of Your Life
Neon Game - The State Is Stealing My Life
Neon Game feat. Amaya - Tropical Heat
New Dream - Don't Go Away
New Italo Sin - Keep The Fire
New Italo Sin - La Balalata
Night Fox - Endless Night
Night Fox - Tears Of Love
Night In Wales - Dancing
Night In Wales - Sunday Night
Night In Wales - You Are My Reason
Nikita Fomin - My Paradise - Your Hell
Nikita Fomin - Stranger
Nina Vaas - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
No Name - Extasy
Objet De Plaisir ‎- Yo Te Quiero
Oliver Maass - Magic Violin (Dj Ikonnikov E.X.C.Version)
Parralox - Change Of Heart
Peter Arcade - We Were
Peter Wilson - Brokenhearted
Peter Wilson - Careless Nights
Peter Wilson - I Don't Wanna See You Cry
Peter Wilson - Kiss The Sky
Peter Wilson - Overdrive
Peter Wilson - Pulsation
Peter Wilson - Shadows Of The Night
Prima Ballerina - My Romance
Raf Coney - I See You Later
Rakel Project - Estas En Mi Corazon
Ranger - Breaking My Heart
Ranger - Don't Play Games
Red N Ready - Hold On Tight
Retronic Voice - Bessinia
Retronic Voice - Dancing In My Dream
Retronic Voice - I'm All Around
Retronic Voice - Real People
Retronic Voice - Sea Of Life
Retronic Voice - The Queen
Retronic Voice - True
Riccardo Campa - Another Day
Riccardo Campa - Desperado
Riccardo Campa - Japanese Doll
Riccardo Campa - Looking For A Way Out
Rick De Moore - It's Love
Rick De Moore - She's My Lady
Robert Hill - Love Me Again
Roby - Hold Me In Your Heart
Roby & Claudia - Stay
Rofo - Face It
Rofo - Summer Love
Roller Idol feat. Bonfeel Electro Band - Devil Lady
Roller Idol feat. Bonfeel Electro Band - Don't Go
Roller Idol feat. Bonfeel Electro Band - Sexy Lady
Romantic Avenue - Don't Gamble With My Heart
Romantic Avenue - Slaves Of Love
Romantic Avenue feat. Heaven42 - Against The Odds
Romantic Avenue Feat. Michael Nolen - Dangerous Heart
Ryan Paris - Con Tu Amor
Ryan Paris - Hacia La Luz
Ryan Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again
Ryan Paris - Parisienne Girl
Ryan Paris - Sensiation Of Love
Ryan Paris - Together Again
Ryan Paris - You're My Life
Ryan Paris feat. George Aaron - Can Delight
Ryan Paris feat. Mauro - Buona Sera Dolce Vita
Ryvon - Your Touch Your Eyes
Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side
Savage - Magic Carillon
Savage - Twothousandnine
Setus - Niecierpliwa
Sheya - Forever I Will Stay
Siberian Heat - Angel's Heart
Siberian Heat - In Your City
Siberian Heat - Irresistible
Siberian Heat - Irresistible
Siberian Heat - Kiss Me
Siberian Heat - Little Lady
Siberian Heat - Magic Blue Eyes
Siberian Heat - Pick Up The Phone
Siberian Heat - Sorry
Siberian Heat - Vitaly
Skynight Avenue - Eppur Si Muove
Skynight Avenue - Last Fight Of The Vampires
Solitario - Only You & Me
Soulya ID - Disco Boy
Soulya ID - Only You And Me
Soulya ID - Tell Me Why
Soulya ID - Vampirella's Song
Spatial Vox - Angelo Della Notte
Spatial Vox - Fantastic Love
Spatial Vox - Incanto d'Amore
Squash Gang - Hey You
Steve Burbon - Night In Motion
Steve Burbon feat. Mirko Hirsch - The Vibe
Steve Burbon Project feat. Tom Garrow - Sweet Summer Love
Stockholm Nightlife feat. Nathalie Hanberg & Cliff Wedge - Stay One Day
Stylove - Canzone
Stylove - Disco Music Energy
Stylove - Don't Break My Heart
Stylove - Lady Fantasy
Stylove - Night Girl
Stylove & Frank Lozano - Story Of My Life
Stylove & Vincent International - You Are Bambina
Stylove feat Naoky - Tango In The Night
Stylove Feat. Birizdo - Kiss Me Baby
Stylove Feat. Jackie Brendie - Sail Away
Surf Dancer - Rainbow Man
Swan - Shining Star
Synergic Silence & Fred Ventura - Follow Your Instinct
Synth Elements - Technology
Synthgo - Angelina
Synthgo - Bella Bella
Synthgo - Buona Sera
Synthgo - My Sexy Lady
Synthgo - Sei La Mia Vita
Talking Eyes - In The Sun
Talking Eyes - The Summer Goes
Talking Eyes feat. Stylove - Computerized Love
Talking Eyes feat. Xenti - Let's Run Away
Tam Harrow - Incredible
Tam Harrow - Vodka Kaboom
The Crosslines - Give Me Your Love
The Crosslines - Hotel Of The Lonely Hearts
The Crosslines - In The Heaven Of The Night
The Crosslines - My Secret Love
The Crosslines - Saturday Night
The Crosslines - Tired Of Waiting
The Sweeps - Came True
The Sweeps - Facing The Night
The Sweeps - The Last Dream
Thomas Anders - Lunatic (Tony Costa Rmix)
Thomas Bainas - Blue Eyes
Time Machine & Albert One - Cold As Ice
Tiziana Rivale - Ash
Tiziana Rivale - Daily Dream
Tiziana Rivale - Don't Ask If It's True
Tobias Bernstrup - Destruction
Tobias Bernstrup - She's In Love
Tobias Bernstrup - Utopia
Tom Garrow - Angel Of My Heart
Tom Garrow - Come Back
Tom Garrow - Dance For Me
Tom Garrow - Forever And Ever
Tom Garrow - Russian Lady
Tom Garrow - Tranquilitiy Base
Tom Hooker - I Don't Wanna Fight
Tom Hooker - King Of The World
Tom Hooker - My Russian Lady Night
Tom Hooker - Nobody Loves Me
Tom Hooker - River Of My Past
Tom Hooker - Swiss Cows
Tom Hooker & Linda Jo Rizzo - I Want You Tonight
Tom Hooker & Miki Chieregato - No Elevation
Tom Reichel & Fresh Fox - This Is Magic
Tommy Sun - Beach Love
Tommy Sun - Dancer
Tommy Sun - Magic Carillon
Tonschatz - Carpe Diem
Tonschatz - Midlife Dreams
Tony Costa - The Power Of Dreams
Tony Costa feat. Charly Danone - Go!
TQ - China Blue
TQ - It's Over
TQ - Let The Night Remain Forever
TQ - Let's Go To Tokyo
TQ & Galaxy Hunter - Inferno
TQ feat. John Sauli - Leave It All Behind
TQ feat. Ken Laszlo & Fred Ventura - In The Night
TQ feat. Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita Reload
Trans-X - How Long Last Love
Trans-X - I'm Yours Tonight
Trans-X - Your Eyes
Trans-X & TQ - My Fascination
Travel Sex - Plastic Doll
Valerie Star - Call My Name
Valerie Star - Flash In The Night
Vanello & Steven Kimber - King Of The Summer
Vanello & Steven Kimber - S.O.S. For Love
Variety - Without You
Victor Ark - Coming Back
Victor Ark feat. Magic System DJ - Be My Lover
Victoria Mus - Sin Final
Vincent International - Now Forever Tonight
Vincent International - You're My Love (You're My Life)
Vincenzo Carabulis - Tele Dinare
Vincenzo Salvia feat. Giusi Telesca - Domenica
Vision Talk - Confession
Vyck Vyo - Angelina
Vyck Vyo - Only Love Can Make Me Strong
Wol Vo - Forever
Wolframm - Give Me All Your Love
Yuhniversia - Glitter
Yuhniversia - Infection
Zion & Kristian Conde - 80s Come Back To Us
Zion & Nation In Blue - Look Around
Zynic - Thanks For Nothing
Gość, Niech moc RM80 zawsze będzie z Tobą
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